Intellectual Property Rights

AAPEX consistently seeks to improve the quality and value of its event for our loyal and valued exhibitors. An important part of this effort is the protection of our exhibitors’ investments in their technology.

Investigating IP Rights Violations

We remind all of our exhibitors that AAPEX will have attorneys on site. Event Management’s attorneys will be prepared to investigate an exhibitor’s properly documented complaint of an intellectual property rights violation that is brought to the attention of Event Management. Products or product catalogs on display that are determined to violate the intellectual property rights (patent, trademark, trade dress or copyright) of the exhibitor may result in sanctions in accordance with the event rules.

Sanctions for a rules violation are in the discretion of Event Management, to be exercised reasonably on a case-by-case basis, in consultation with the Event’s counsel and in the best interest of the event. According to Event rules, sanctions may include closing the booth, together with a ban of two years from the event and loss of seniority privileges.

Complaint Procedures

  • Any exhibitor who has knowledge of a potential infringement prior to the Event should contact Event Management immediately at 708-226-1300, ext. 18 or by email at
  • On event site, if you encounter any possible infringements, please proceed to the Intellectual Property Rights Office, located in Room 304 of the Sands Expo (for Office Hours please click here)
  • Provide Event attorney with a properly documented complaint concerning the infringement(s) and an indemnification agreement.
  • Event attorney will contact infringing exhibitor(s) and their attorney for discussion.
  • Event Management and/or event attorneys will visit the infringing exhibitor’s booth to investigate the complaint. You will be requested to sign an indemnification agreement before this visit is made.
  • The complaining exhibitor and their attorney will not be involved in initial discussions at the infringing exhibitor’s booth.
  • If, in the opinion of the event attorneys and Event Management and based upon the content of the exhibitor’s documented complain (including the opinion if counsel letter in case of a patent infringement claim or in other cases when requested), the product appears to be an intellectual property violation, the exhibitor’s product will be removed by Event Management, and placed in the 24-hour security lock up, until the end of event.
  • The infringing exhibitor will be required to remove all promotional material that includes this product.
  • If the infringing product or promotional materials re-appear after this warning, event management may impose additional sanctions.

QuestionsQuestions about our IP Rights Policy?

Contact Event Management at 1-708-226-1300 ext. 18 or